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About us

Anayi means heart bridge in langue fon.

ANAYI International, as the meaning of its name indicates, sets a goal of creating a bridge between the hearts of people here and abroad, particularly with those most at-risk.

  • A place in history
  • Positively impact lives
  • End poverty
  • Fight against inequalities
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Community centers

Children have access to help centers, libraries, playgrounds and much more.

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An approach based on field experience

With over a decade of experience in the field, Anayi has carried out several humanitarian projects that have directly benefited populations in need.

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The assistance provided changes according to local needs, to ensure that women are emancipated and autonomous, and that children complete their education in good health.

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Our volunteers in action!

Anayi International evolves thanks to the involvement of many people who take the mission to heart. Every year, many individuals travel through Anayi International to Africa to serve and support the world's poorest people, and to alleviate poverty.

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We do the right thing , at the right time!

Anayi International focuses on developing a sustainable economy by giving women, children and families the means to ensure their own autonomy through the implementation of concrete development projects.

Helping to support the poorest families.