Anayi centre

Development of Anayi's centers is at the heart of Anayi International's projects

Anayi centre

Information about the project

The development of ANAYI Centres is at the heart of ANAYI International projects. These cultural and community centres provide a means for people to access ANAYI services. Anayi wants to establish other centers in regions that lack them. The services, in addition to meeting other needs identified locally, are:

Your donations help with the sociocultural development of the region and enable youth and children to flourish!!!

The city of Dangbo, Benin has provided ANAYI a locale to serve as a resource and cultural centre (library, internet, leisure activities, etc.) for local residents. The first Anayi center was then created in Benin. The actual condition of the property can be seen in the following photos:

A furnished courtyard with :

Helping to support the poorest families.