Sophia Testimotinial


Sophia’s Sock Puppets Reach Benin, Africa!

In 2012, it was then and there that Sophia decided that this would be the perfect place to donate the $150 she raised. With that money, 8 children received school uniforms and the school was supplied with 3 soccer balls. The attached pictures show the kids receiving their uniforms and being shown samples of the sock puppets that were made to raise the money. Sophia would like to thank everyone for their generosity.

What a difference you all have made in the lives of these children! The Sock Puppet Factory is still open for business! The sock puppet initiative has grown over the past year. Two of Sophia’s friends, Brogan and Noah, have joined forces with Sophia to increase the puppet factory’s production! The kids are excited to still be receiving orders and look forward to helping even more kids over the coming year.

Sock puppets are $5 each and are a great stocking stuffer! Donations of any denomination are also greatly appreciated. All proceeds will be used to purchase the uniforms in Benin, which support small businesses and their families in this impoverished country. Thank you again for all of your support over the past year!