The development of Anayi centers is at the heart of Anayi International's projects


Courageous individual and collective action can make all the difference

The first bridge to the heart was created between Canada and Benin following a trip in 2007 by a Canadian of Beninese heritage who decided to reinvest in his native country. This committed Christian shared his idea with others who have a heart for service.


We set an example of courage

ANAYI volunteers return for a few weeks each year to give their time and finances and to assist in various development projects. They have encouraged many people to have that special experience of “giving and receiving” and to discover the wonderful continent of Africa. They also invite people of African heritage to reinvest in their own country of origin.


We invite you to get involved

Since that beginning in 2007, many Canadians have partnered with ANAYI-International – serving in Benin, Togo, Niger and Burkina Faso – and the number of participants continues to increase.

Helping to support the poorest families.